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  • Immediate response for increased customer interaction.
  • Real-time service is real-time business.


Do you want to invest in a communication medium that is cost-effective, affordable, and easy to install? One that does not require heavy initial investment and command high operating and overhead costs? For the benefit of your business and of your customers, invest in live chat support.


Why add live chat support to your business?


If you have already been using telephone, email, web form, and social media, why not add live chat support to your customer service platform?


As an interactive customer support tool, live chat allows businesses, through their live chat operators, to interact with customers in real time. By displaying the “click-to-chat” button prominently on their website, businesses proactively invite customers to an online chat. Through this channel, customers get immediate response to their inquiries and concerns, especially when they are shopping online and need to make a quick purchase decision.


Live chat support is also an effective marketing aid. Chat operators engage online shoppers to cross-sell and up-sell products and services, while providing them sales and marketing support and helping them check out the content of their shopping cart and complete orders. When carried out effectively and in a timely manner, live chat can convert online visitors into customers.


Many businesses, from retail to finance, use live chat support to also collect real-time data about website traffic, visitor information, and navigational path. Live chat is truly a multi-purpose communication tool.


Why outsource your chat support to Kaizen Solutions?


If you are looking for a live chat support service provider, look no more! Kaizen Solutions is ready to be of service.


Kaizen Solutions offer efficient and cost-effective chat support services to businesses across various verticals around the globe. We design and customize our service for technical and non-technical products and services.


By outsourcing to Kaizen Solutions, we guarantee you the following advantages and benefits:

  • We provide different kinds of chat services, such as visitor-initiated chat, proactive chat, and force chat, for a wide range of services, including customer service, technical support, lead generation, order taking, product inquiry, and billing.
  • We train our chat support team to use the latest chat software, and we are even willing to learn and use your chat software of choice.
  • We assure prompt and accurate support service on a 24/7, 365-day basis.
  • We assure transparency. We provide you with detailed reports and statistics and chat satisfaction surveys.
  • We field in only the best people to provide chat service to your customers.
  • We design our metrics to ensure you increase in revenue, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.


Want us to integrate chat support in your customer service platform? Call us now. Or you may want to initiate a chat with us to see if we stand by our assurance of prompt service. Let’s chat!