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Appointment Setting

  • Opportunity behind every rejection
  • Your business is scheduled for success.
  • The right time for the right deal.
  • We meet for success.


Achieving business growth and growing your market share in a highly competitive market proved to be daunting tasks, and at the same time, demotivating for professionals who take rejection seriously and even personal. How often do you hear “No”, “Not Interested”, or “We don’t want any” from people whom you’re trying to strike business with? How often do you come close into closing a deal, only for it to fizzle out at the last hour?


At Kaizen Solutions, our team of business development experts interpret “NO” as a “YES” in disguise. For us, every “NO” is a business opportunity waiting to happen, one that still requires enough nurturing, one that has yet to ripen – and will ripen in due time. Whenever a prospect says “NO”, they are just giving us more time to evaluate their unique requirements and situation, and come up with the best solutions that address them.


Our team of business development experts have dealt with different businesses from various industries in the past. They had seen many deals gone out of the window, despite being persistent, but still wise enough to move on. But failure is not their end point, but success in the numerous deals they managed to close – deals that flourished under their careful and effective management.


With lessons learned and experience tucked under our belts, Kaizen Solutions is confident to provide you high-performance and transparent appointment setting services to help you achieve business growth and gain a bigger market share.


We customize our sales approach to suit given individuals. We will field in the best business development expert to work with you. They will listen to why your ideal customers say “NO”, and will plan a campaign to win them for you. They will help you push through the sales process, and pitch for you until they get a “YES”.

From start to finish, we will put you close in front of key decision-makers to seal the deal. We will secure qualified meetings in your behalf – all without the upfront rejection.


Let us generate qualified appointments for you. Improve your chance of closing a deal by partnering with Kaizen Solutions today. Let’s work together to find new opportunities behind every rejection that you get. Call us now!